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Article: Art Prints Vs. Canvas Art

Art Prints Vs. Canvas Art


Our artworks can either be bought as canvas art or art prints (separate collections), same designs, different formats. So, what is the difference between canvas art and art prints?


If you want a quick process of displaying your art, then our ready to hang Canvas will be the best match. When it arrives, just unpack and hang it on your walls. Our canvas is made from woven fabric and stretched onto a wooden frame so no extra frames are needed.


Art prints are similar to posters but in museum quality paper. The art prints are rolled and shipped in a protective cardboard tube. Display your art print as it is, or in a frame in the same size, any frame will look beautiful. 

You can buy frames online, just google “frames” or visit Amazon or a frame shop near you (use the same size on frame as the art print). The gold vintage frames in our artworks are called "Baroque Frames", you can find them online or you can easily buy them in a local frame shop near you. 

We don’t offer any frames for the art prints collection because we are shipping worldwide and the frames/glass can easily get damaged in transit. 


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