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Art Prints Vs. Canvas Art

April 28, 2020 1 min read

To help you with your decision, here’s the difference between canvas art and art prints.

Canvas Art

Canvas art is shipped ready to hang right out of the box, no frame is needed. Canvas art is made from woven fabric and stretched on a wooden frame, an example of a canvas is a surface on which you do an oil painting. 

Once our canvas artworks are printed and completed, it is coated with a special water-resistant sealer to keep it protected. The sealer also protects the print from dust, dirt, and scratches. In other words, canvas art prints are designed to last for years and years without fading or losing any of their appeal.

Art Prints

The art prints are rolled and shipped without a frame in a protective cardboard tube. You need to buy a frame and frame your art print (we don't sell frames). 

Our art prints are in high quality museum paper, instead of printing the art on canvas, it’s printed on natural white archival quality European paper. Framing an art print is very easy and takes around 5 minutes. 

For the perfect fit you should always use the same frame size as the size of the art print. If you for example have a 70x100 cm art print you should frame the print in a 70x100 cm frame. 

The art prints look beautiful in any frame, no matter if it's a standard black frame or a vintage gold one.