Made for people who don't settle for mediocrity.

Criss Bellini is a Swedish based, anonymous artist (and brand), influenced by the fashion industry and street culture. Criss Bellini offers unique wall art with a mix of traditional and digital art, made in limited editions only. 

“I was tired of choosing between cheap posters and overpriced artworks, so I found a middle ground. Many of us don't like the feeling of buying something so personal that's mass produced, so by doing my own original artwork and only offering my work on my website, I can bring you unique and affordable wall art that stands out from the mass productions, while maintaining the feeling of exclusivity. I only make a limited run of every artwork, when sold out I don’t restock.”

We live in a world where fake is the new real. The balaclava mask represents and symbolises freedom, a true reflection of who we are.

My artworks are mostly digitally painted, but some are originally hand painted on canvas using acrylic or oil before they are professionally photographed and printed on museum quality materials. With digital art I'm able to mix it up with new variations and increase the quality of my artworks. You will still get the artistic original painted feel to the prints when you hang them on your wall. 

All artworks are only sold on our website at and can't be bought nowhere else (if you find any, they are fake). Every piece includes a Criss Bellini signature and the year it was printed on the back and a certificate of authenticity card.