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Inspired by you who don't settle for mediocrity.

I was tired of choosing between cheap posters and overpriced artworks, so I found a middle ground. Many of us don't like the feeling of buying something so personal that's mass produced, so by doing my own original artwork and only offering my art in limited edition designs on my website, I can bring you unique and affordable wall art that stands out from the mass productions, while maintaining the feeling of exclusivity. 

All my artworks are exclusively sold at and can't be bought nowhere else. My studio is based in Sweden and I focus on being different by mixing the best of both worlds - Traditional and Digital art. Most of my designs are originally hand painted on canvas using acrylic and mixed media, before they are professionally photographed and then printed. I also work with digital art where I'm able to mix it up with new variations and increase the quality of my artworks. You still get the artistic original painted feel to the prints when you hang them on your wall.

Both the art prints and the canvas that are sold on my website art printed. I don't offer any expensive 1/1 "Originals". All artworks are printed only on high quality (museum-quality), thick and durable matte paper/fabric.